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Whether you are a student, parent, or curious observer, we hope you will find the information you need on our website.

Monroe Intermediate, formerly Monroe Middle School, was first configured in 2003 in an attempt to create a learning environment to meet the unique developmental needs of fifth and sixth grade students. Presently, we feel that we have a school environment where our 385 students are completely comfortable to “act their age” while simultaneously stretching toward academic and personal growth. Our mission statement declares that to be our main goal while providing a positive environment for our students to thrive.

I am certain that you will find our Monroe staff to be among the friendliest, most positive, and genuinely concerned adults in education. Our teachers are highly qualified and highly motivated to help our students meet their personal goals.

We offer a variety of after-school activities for our students including intramural volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, chess club, ski club, student council, and morning choir.  Sixth grade students may also elect to participate in competitive cross-country, wrestling and swimming programs at Lincoln Middle School. 

Feel free to make an appointment to talk with any of our staff members if you have further questions.


A.J. Nathan


Monroe Intermediate School

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Steven Lake

Assistant Principal

Monroe Intermediate School

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